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How to Stay Connected on Your Wedding Day

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Do you worry about staying connected with your partner on your wedding day during all the beautiful chaos? Have you thought about ways to try and have your own special moments together throughout all the celebrations?

After all, this day is about you and your special person. It’s about your undying love and devotion to each other. Sometimes the true meaning of a wedding can get lost in all the stress and busyness of the day. It’s important to plan out ways that you and your partner can keep connected with each other during all of the chaos.

Here are some tips that I have observed over the last 15 years that you can do to make sure you keep connected and reminded of the true meaning of your special day.

1. Write each other a love note to read during getting ready

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Since you probably won’t spend the night before the wedding together (or even if you did) the morning will be full of busy events. Taking a quiet moment to yourself to read words of love from your spouse-to-be will not only give you a chance to feel connected, it’ll also give you time to yourself to take it all in.

2. Stay Connected by Considering a first look

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  1. First looks can be done for several reasons; It gives you more time to have your photos done if your ceremony and reception are close together. You will have your photos taken when your hair and makeup are “fresh”. It also gives you time, prior to the ceremony to be alone with your significant other. What better way to stay connected and remind each other before it all goes down, why you’re there in the first place.

3. Golden Hour Photos for 2

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Schedule in 15-20 minutes for sunset photos with your photographer during golden hour, to take a break from all the celebrations. Not only will this make for beautiful photos, but you will also have a reason to excuse yourselves for a few minutes to reconnect and reflect on your day.

4. Strategize your seating

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Sweetheart tables keep the two of you focused on each other and allow for more intimate conversations during dinner. Plus with COVID, it’s becoming the new normal for reception seating. What a wonderful way to stay connected on your wedding day.

5. Remember that this day is about the two of you.

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It’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you need to put on a show for everyone. Be present and in the moment, every second. Remember why you are celebrating your love and take it all in. It will fly by, it’s more than okay to take moments to cherish your new spouse.

One more Bonus Tip for Staying Connected on your Wedding Day

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One final tip for staying connected on your wedding day, schedule a date night, like a super romantic one, 1-2 weeks before your wedding. Plan it together. Make it super intimate and special, just for the two of you. Almost like your own secret wedding. It will help you to take time to reconnect before the big day and remind you of why you went through all the stress and hustle to organize your incredible day.

In what ways do you plan on taking moments for yourself and your significant other? If you are married, how did you stay connected during your big day?

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