How to pick the right wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your special day! There are so many amazing options out there, but it’s important to consider carefully when picking the right professional.

First and foremost, do your research and read the reviews of different photographers. Find someone who matches your style and budget. Look through portfolios to get a feel for their aesthetic – do they capture stunning details or captivating candids? Are they flexible with shoot times or willing to travel?

Don’t discount word-of-mouth recommendations either. Talk to friends who have recently been married and get their thoughts on the photographer they used. Above all else, pick someone who will make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Does their Style Match Yours?

This should 100% be the first thing you consider when choosing your perfect wedding photographer. There are so many photographers out there with varying styles. When reviewing their portfolio make sure that the way they capture and edit is reflective of how you want to remember your day. Some people like light and airy, or maybe you like dark and moody. Do not expect a photographer to conform to your style, pick someone who matches it. Find someone with a consistent style so you know what to expect when your photos are delivered.

Check the Reviews

The best way to learn if a wedding photographer is a good fit for you is to read the reviews! Check the Google and WeddingWire reviews for the most authentic experiences. See if they are consistent, what the common themes are, and if the way they talk about the photographer is how you want to feel after your wedding day.

Check Their Vibe

Your wedding photographer is being invited into the most vulnerable and important day of your life, they should be someone you feel you could hang with on a regular day. Your wedding day is stressful enough, make sure your photographer, is fun, and easygoing, and can also take charge without making anyone feel uncomfortable. When your wedding photographer can fit in with your crew like they are part of it, it makes for a happier day and better photography.

Are they qualified?

Contrary to what some believe, not just anyone can pick up a camera and document a wedding. Make sure your wedding photographer has the proper insurance and equipment. If they aren’t charging HST, they are likely only part-time and not fully invested in their businesses yet. This doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do a great job, heck everyone has to start somewhere. It does mean that there is more room for potential issues here, so buyer beware. Full-time, professional photographers who charge more are typically registered, insured, and experienced leaving little room for error.

Do They Fit Your Budget

Your wedding photographer should be one of your top three wedding day investments. You put so much money, time, and effort into this one special day, do not go low budget on the one service that will help you retain all of it for generations to come. Your vision for your wedding photography should go beyond posting a few pics on social media. These are the photos your grandkid’s children will look at, it’s the most important day and you don’t want that ruined by bad photography. I’ve read so many horror stories online of people who have gotten unusable galleries or sometimes no galleries at all. The term, you get what you pay for could not be truer than with your wedding photography. Choose a budget that is reasonable for a quality photographer in your area, a full day collection should be no less than 3-4 thousand dollars. On average my clients spend just under 5 thousand dollars including taxes for a full-day wedding. The higher the budget, the more quality photographer you will get, and the happier you will be for it.

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