Fall Engagement Session

Engagement Session | Why you need one + Pro Tips

I am finally getting around to writing this blog on engagement session pro tips. It’s been something that I’ve had on the back burner for a while now and I know so many of you will find this helpful. It’s a long one as there is a lot to cover so let’s dive into it!

Fall Engagement Session

Do I need to do an Engagement Session?

Yes! You absolutely should, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It gives us a chance to get to know each other before the wedding. We will be spending close to every minute of your wedding day together, your engagement session will help us get comfortable with each other, to learn what you like and don’t like when taking pictures, for us to establish a rapport, making your wedding day that much more enjoyable.
  2. Shaking off the awkward. Most of you are not professional models and have no idea of what to expect when you get in front of the camera, we are not doing cell phone selfies here. lol Think of your engagement session like a practice session before the big game. I’ll guide you and direct you along the way, we’ll laugh, we’ll be silly and we’ll get in the zone for those uber romantic shots. It usually takes about the first 10-15 minutes for most couples to get over those awkward nerves but by the end, you guys will be total pros!
  3. You get SO MUCH value from your engagement photos! Use the photos for your Save The Dates, you can get awesome 4 x 6 fridge magnets done at Vista Print for super cheap. It’s the best “Save The Date” method I have yet to see! People won’t lose a magnet or throw it out! Also, use the photos for your wedding website, post to social media, make a custom guest book, wedding slideshow,  print, and frame for people to sign, put them in frames on each table at your reception, there are so many options and ways to use these photos!
  4. Change of season. If you’re having a spring/summer wedding it might be nice to have a fall engagement session with all of those rich and rustic tones, or perhaps a winter wonderland session? Or go the opposite way and have a super fun summer time session at the beach or your favorite romantic spot.
  5. Celebrate your engagement! Your engagement is just as special as your wedding, it’s the moment when you both decided to take that next big step in your relationship and that should be equally celebrated! Every one of my couples LOVES their engagement session because there is no audience, no pressure and you get to connect and get intimate with each other for a whole hour! The guys especially love this part, they comment on this all of the time.
Toronto Engagement Session

Distillery District engagement session | Fall Season

Toronto Engagement Session

Toronto Island Engagement Session | Fall Season

Booking your date & Time

You should be booking your engagement session date as soon as you lock in your wedding date with me. I highly recommend booking it at least 1 year to a minimum of 6 months before your wedding day.

I book Engagement Sessions Monday-Thursday only as weekends are designated for Weddings and Family time. Also, I only shoot Engagement Sessions during the golden hour for the best lighting, which is always 2 hours before Sunset.

Maybe you have to take the afternoon off of work to prepare but it’s a nice outing for the two of you to connect! Think of it like taking time for your dentist appointment only it’s going to be WAY MORE fun and the one inspecting your mouth will be your BAE! 😉

Beach Engagement Session

Charles Daley Beach Engagement Session | Summer Season

Beach Engagement Session

Beach Engagement Session

Picking your location

I can and will help suggest locations for your session. I’m also willing to travel outside of my area to explore epic and new locations. The season will definitely affect the type of location we use but there are so many great options. Whether you’re looking for a warm beach vibe, unique urban landscapes, rustic and woodsy, elegant garden settings, epic adventurous landscapes, I’ve got you! If you have a location that’s special to you or want to get creative I am always game!

Iceland Engagement Session

Iceland Engagement Session | Winter Season

Iceland Engagement Session

Iceland Engagement Session

Preparing for your Engagement Session

Your engagement session is special and you want to look your absolute best in front of the camera! Here are a few pro tips on how to prepare for your engagement session:

Pamper Yourself:

Use this opportunity to pamper yourself, get a manicure for those hand-holding and ring shots. Psssst! bring him along for one too, he’ll actually love it!

Some brides will book their makeup trial session for the shoot and also get their hair did. You don’t have to do this, just an idea of what some ladies do.

Give yourself lots of time to get ready so that you’re not stressed about it. Make it fun and relaxing.

Oh, and if you’re getting fresh haircuts/ colour- do this at least 10 days before the shoot to let the cut and colour settle in.

Guys- don’t forget to pamper yourselves too! Go to the barber for a freshen up, come clean shaven or beard trimmed up nicely.


Prepare your outfits in advance, you want to be well coordinated but not matchy. For your outfits, always err on the side of being too dressy rather than too casual. You can never look “too good.” 🙂 You can wear nice, clean jeans if that’s your style but please make sure that you dress them up with clean, pressed tops and nice shoes.

Absolutely NO hats, it makes it very difficult to get your eyes and even more difficult for posing. Hats that don’t cover your eyes or face are ok to bring for some shots but please still have clean and done hair for other shots.

Avoid busy, bold or intricate patterns like tiny polka dots, stripes, complicated plaid with lots of thin lines. We want to stay away from distracting patterns that will steal the show.  Choose complementary colours or one colour with complimentary tones in both your outfits.

Keep it neutral, soft and warm which will add to the mood of the photos. Here are some colour suggestions for the seasons:

  • For a Fall session go with earth tones, greens, navy, burgundy, mustard yellow, purples as we’ll be getting lots of colour from the changing leaves.
  • Winter shoots, deep and rich colours like burgundy, navy, red, purples, hunter green and beige.
  • Spring/Summer, choose light and airy colours, whites, pastel colours, taupe’s

Also, choose colours that look best with both your skin tones! One’s that accentuate your eyes and best features.

AVOID Black and stark white tops, they don’t usually go over well.

Feel free to bring one outfit change if you like (one dressy and one casual), but keep in mind that your session time will end at the session end time. It can be a bit tricky changing in your car or on-site, so most clients choose to just do one amazing outfit. I love it when my bride’s wear a gorgeous dress and the guys in a suit or at least a dress shirt and tie, it just really adds to the photos. You do you though!

Arrive Early:

Being a natural-light photographer, it’s so important to be on time for your session. We’ve scheduled that time for a reason – the awesome light. Get there early. I recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your session start time so you can settle in, relax, and even take a shot of whiskey (if that helps you relax). Even if you’re late, the shoot still ends at the same time. Get there early. Did I say get there early? Get there early. 🙂

Also, Plan for traffic, and hope that it’s not there. Always plan for “worst case scenario” and then hope for the best. It’s really important that you aren’t late.

Niagara Falls Engagement Session

Niagara Falls Engagement Session | Spring

Niagara Falls Engagement Session

Niagara Falls Engagement Session

Enjoy the moment!

You’re time as fiancé and fiancé will go quickly and can get filled with the stresses of planning the wedding. Use your engagement session to put some fun back into this time together before you’re Mr & Mrs and make some memories to add to your love story!

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