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Niagara Engagement | Balls Falls Conservation Area

I love photographing Niagara Engagements at the Balls Falls Conservation Area!

For a Niagara engagement session, Balls Falls Conservation area is my go-to spot. It’s a diverse location offering everything my adventurous, rustic, and romantic couples love! Pristine and colorful gardens, lush forest, gorgeous waterfalls, rustic barns, unique stone ruins and adorable bridges.

The conservation authority does an incredible job of maintaining the grounds. It’s the perfect, versatile oasis right here in Niagara! It doesn’t matter what time of year, spring, summer, fall or winter, Balls Falls never disappoints, especially during golden hour!

I did this beautiful Niagara engagement session for Nicole and Isaias in May of 2017. Nicole is from Canada and she was introduced through mutual friends to Isaias who is from Mexico! Their wedding was in June that same year but Isaias wasn’t moving to Canada until May. We all still wanted to fit in an engagement session so we could all get comfortable with one another, take some beautiful portraits for them to put up in their new home and to practice their posing. However, this couple needed no practice, these two were absolute naturals and head over heels in love!

We took advantage of the forest, waterfalls, and fields at Balls Falls to show their fun and adventurous nature. My cheeks literally hurt after our sessions because we were having so much fun laughing and joking around in between takes. These two are quite the characters and know how to have a great time.

If you’re looking for an epic location for you Niagara engagement session I highly recommend Balls Falls Conservation are and would be happy to work with you to capture stunning moments like these.

Hope you enjoy the photos from this session and visit the blog often for more inspiration, tips, and ideas for your big day!

Location: Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Balls Falls Conservation Area

It’s sessions like this one that really inspires my creativity and drives my passion for photography. Their wedding was also incredible and you should definitely check it out on the blog as well. Nicole and Isaias’ Rockway Vineyard Wedding

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