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Welcome to my blog where you can see the latest sessions, learn more about me personally, and take advantage of my experience in Wedding Photography! If you have ideas or suggestions for the blog please let me know! I'm happy to give you my expertise on how to make your day extra special! 

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Banff Alberta Engagement Session

As a Niagara Wedding Photographer, I had dreamed of doing an epic Banff Alberta engagement session. Especially at Moraine Lake. My dream finally came true when my cousin Nick asked me to be his photographer for his Alberta Wedding in September 2019. Shortly after that, my other cousin Shonnica, who also lives in Alberta, announced […]

Banff Alberta Engagement

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The Pine and Pond Wedding Venue | Ponoka Alberta

Usually, once a year I get the great opportunity to travel to document a love story! It’s one of the things that I love most about my job! When my cousin Nick announced that he was getting married at the Pine and Pond wedding venue in Ponoka Alberta, I was over the moon for him […]

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Palais Royale Toronto Wedding | Melissa + Paul

For a Niagara Wedding Photographer, I actually seem to book a lot of Toronto weddings. Which is fine by me as I LOVE traveling to Toronto to document love stories. There is no shortage of amazing locations and backdrops and I get giddy with inspiration whenever I am there. Melissa & Paul’s Palais Royale Toronto […]

Palais Royal Toronto Wedding

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Balls Falls Autumn Engagement | Emily & Connor

In the fall of 2019 I had the pleasure of working with Emily and Connor to document their autumn Balls Falls engagement. They were supposed to be married this August but sadly since the pandemic, they have had to move their wedding to 2021. As a Niagara Wedding Photographer, I thought I would celebrate them […]

Fall Engagement

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Club Roma Wedding Venue | Katie & Blake

Katie and Blake’s wedding was the first of my 2019 spring wedding season. I was so incredibly excited as I knew these guys were not shy in front of the camera and that their Club Roma wedding was going to be incredibly stunning. It had the recipe of being the perfect day. That is until […]

Club Roma Spring Wedding Venue

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Inn on the Twenty Wedding Venue | Michelle & Sam

Now that I have all of this extra time on my hands I am finally getting around to Blogging again. It’s also like a form of therapy for me right now as I’m seriously missing photographing love stories. I wanted to start with one of my favorite weddings from 2019. Michelle and Sam’s wedding at […]

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Should you Reschedule your 2020 Wedding due to COVID-19?

First of all, if you were planning on having your 2020 wedding this year, my heart utterly breaks for you as I know exactly what you’re going through. It’s no secret that the negative effects of COVID-19 are endless. Not only is it affecting your job, your finances, your relationships, your mental health, your physical […]

Couple leaning on each other

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How to organize your wedding like a boss!

Planning your wedding day can be an incredibly stressful and chaotic time. It’s basically a Full-Time job, in fact, people have built careers doing it! We inherently want to do everything ourselves because we have a vision that only WE can make a reality. Right!? Or if your budget just doesn’t allow you to hire […]

Organize like a boss

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Tips for Feeling Confident During your Photoshoot!

I totally and utterly understand that getting in front of the camera can be incredibly intimidating. For ANYONE! I know because I often have to get photographed myself, and as someone who would MUCH rather be behind the lens I have come up with some simple but real life hacks that can enhance how you […]

Feeling confident during your photoshoot title

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Distillery District Toronto Engagement Session | Wylie + Rachel

Distillery District Toronto and Toronto Island Engagement Session! YES PLEASE! When Rachel and Wylie asked if I would be willing to do their engagement session in Toronto, I gave a resounding HELL YES! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shooting in Toronto, especially in the Distillery District! Not only did I get that opportunity, but I also […]

Toronto engagement session


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